Filarmónica de Viena, Orozco Estrada y Perianes - A1

© Werner Kmetitsch

Sunday 26th June 2016 | 19:30h

Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid - Sala Sinfónica

Approximate duration: 105 minutes
Price: de 50€ a 210€

The Vienna Philharmonic is probably the orchestra that is most closely and consistently historically linked to the tradition of European classical music. In this concert, it will be conducted by the Colombian Conductor, Andrés Orozco Estrada, one of the finest conductors of his generation, accompanied by the outstanding Spanish pianist Javier Perianes.


Kodály Danzas de Galanta
Beethoven Concierto para piano núm. 4
Rachmaninoff Danzas sinfónicas

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